What is the healthiest diet Ideal diet for peoples’ health

What is the healthiest diet ? Scientists have opened what they say is an ideal diet for the health of the earth and its populations – They are clear to their researchers about these types of crops nuts, fruits, vegetables, and legumes, and a halving of meat and sugar intake.

If every person follows the “Planetary Health” diet, the researchers said, More than 11 million early deaths can prevent each year. While greenhouse gas emissions are very harmful to human life. People would cut and more land, water, and biodiversity would preserve.

Tim Lang, a professor at the Britain’s University of London who co-led the research said that the food which is we are eating and how to produce this type of food. It should determine the health of people and the earth. And we are currently doing this which is seriously wrong.

What is the healthiest diet

Eating a growing population of 10 billion people by 2050 with a healthy, sustainable diet will be impossible without changing eating habits, improving healthy food production and reducing food waste from food, and make healthy food for the people, he said. “We need a big overhaul, changing the worldwide food system on a scale not seen before.”

Many life-threatening incurable diseases are linked to poor diets, including fatness, diabetes, and malnutrition. Which is occurring several types of cancer. The researchers said unhealthy diets currently cause more immature death and disease worldwide than unsafe sex, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, and tobacco use combined.

The proposed worldly diet is the result of a three-year project commissioned by The Lancet health journal and involving 37 specialists from 16 countries.

It says the global average cost of foods such as red meat and sugar should be cut by 50 percent, while nuts, fruits, vegetables, and legumes should double. These types of food are very healthy for the human body.

For separate regions, this could mean even more dramatic changes: People who are lived in North America eat almost 605 times the recommended amount of red meat, while people in South Asia eat only half the amount of red meat suggested by the planetary diet.

Meeting the targets for inflexible vegetables like potatoes and cassava would need big changes in sub-Saharan Africa. Where people are eating an average of 7.5 times the suggested amount.

More than 800 million people have insufficient food, while more consume a poor diet that increases to early death and disease,” said Willett of Harvard University within us.

“On the off chance that we can’t exactly make it, it’s better to try and get as close as we can,” he said.

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