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Protected innovation Rights:

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How to use of our website:

Site visitors/readers are required to utilize eHealth Lover benefits just for legitimate methods and for read-just reason. The sound and visual components of the site or application must be tuned in and saw and nothing past. eHealth Lover urges its visitors/readers to share its article in their web based social profile, group and related networks. Be that as it may, the substance of our administrations must not be imparted to anybody or with some other computerized stages with any adjustment or modification. Visitors/readers are denied from hacking the site, or endeavoring to get around our article security setup.

The clients must utilize the administrations only for non-business reason, paying little heed as to if the individual or substance may be a business element or not. We give our clients just a permit to access and utilize our administrations and protected innovation rights subject to the accompanying utilization confinements: clients may utilize accessible administrations for individual, private and non-business purposes just, the clients must not adventure, move or utilize any substance showing up on our administrations for any sort of business purposes (this does not have any significant bearing to any client content posted by an individual and in which a reader/visitors holds proprietorship rights), the clients must not utilize provocative or hostile dialect, pictures or remarks focusing on the substance of eHealth Lover.

Protection of Users Device:

eHealth Lover does not accept any responsibility for any attacks by virus or malware or any other contamination so to visitors and readers requested by please protect your device. We don’t want to loss your any valuable data. Although eHealth Lover also protect their website by using many modern system.

eHealth Lover doesn’t take any liability for our device like pc, laptop, tab, or your mobile. If your device accepts third party content this might harmful for your device so it should be avoid.

Use eHealth Lover from others website:

If user use our website from others website we cannot protect it so that we are respectly say to readers. We will not be taken any kind of  liabilities for this.

Accessing the website from outside Bangladesh:

All close to home data put together by clients outside Bangladesh will be handled as per these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Governing Law:

The laws that administer Privacy Policy of eHealth Lover and its association with the client is the laws of Bangladesh and any debate in regards to the utilization, maintenance, revelation, spillage or scattering of the data or date must be raised under the watchful eye of the courts of Bangladesh which will have selective purview on this issue. The whole Privacy Policy will apply to all who enters the site, gets administration or utilizations application from eHealth Lover paying little respect to their nationality, area, living arrangement or place of business.

Is eHealth Lover and eHealth Lover is same? 

Yes eHealth Loveris the sister Blog of Swasthakotha which is Bangla Language.