Privacy Policy

eHealth Lover  is committed to protecting your personal information when you using our website.

eHealth Lover gathers or gets data about its clients for some reasons: for example, to give administrations intended to serve the client, to screen and enhance the administrations contributions, for displaying or concentrating on advancement, etc. This data may collect your name, address, telephone number,  age,  email address others community account & so on.

There might be other privacy policies that apply to specific administrations given by www.eHealth . Visitors are asked for to peruse these while listing or buying in to those administrations on these locales. It is eHealth Lover's undertaking to shield the info get from its users/visitors.  eHealth Lover regards security of its guests/visitors and endeavors to guarantee that the data gathered is utilized for the constrained reason for which it was gotten.

How eHealth Lover collects the information:

eHealth Lover collects information on a user upon the user’s access to the eHealth Lover website – (i) by registering to the site or application, (ii) subscribing to the newsletter, (iii) responding to a study or taking an interest in a challenge.

Disclosure of Information Collected:

eHealth Lover  does not move, exchange or generally given by and by recognizable data to some other gatherings aside from those that help eHealth Lover in working its site, directing the business and serving the clients. It might share visitor’s/ reader’s on the brink of home data inside to grasp client base, advance the number of clients and increment client commitment.

If eHealth Lover wants to utilize individual data uniquely in contrast to that portrayed above it will look for assent of the person. eHealth Lover may discharge by and by recognizable data on the off chance that it is required to consent to the laws of Bangladesh.

Despite anything contained in this Privacy Policy, eHealth Lover may unveil or share data gathered including individual data to specialist co-ops, member organizations, experts or counselors or Partners that has drawn to perform business-related capacities with respect to its advantage. eHealth Lover may also share the information in response to legal process, or protect its interest in any forum.The data might be utilized for examining or anticipating conceivably illicit exercises, or circumstances including potential dangers to any individual, us, or the administrations, or infringement of our arrangements, the law or our Terms of Use similarly as to affirm or approve consistence with the methodologies overseeing our Services. The data should be shared to offer market items or administrations to the visitors/readers. However, in all these events or any other event when a personal information is shared or disclosed, Swastha Kotha shall use its best endeavors to control the share or exposure and will just share to such degree as it is required to meet the reason.

Data Retention:

We shall hold visitors/readers personal information if your account exists with eHealth Lover . Notwithstanding, eHealth Lover may retain data for a further period as per its own internal data retention policy. Visitor’s/reader’s personal information shall be deleted upon expiry of your eHealth Lover account. Please note that there may be events when the erasing/deleting of information may take more time than usual, and eHealth Lover shall not take any responsibility in such events.

Use of Cookies:

eHealth Lover  does not collect any user data based on cookies,history neither does it store any sort of user information that may be personal to the user.

If a third party associated with the eHealth Lover website collects user cookies upon your visit to the eHealth Lover  website, Swastha Kotha  does not control the use of these subsequently you should check the relevant third-party website.  But we can take any liability about this metter.

Contracted by Swastha Kotha:

From time to time, eHealth Lover may contact its users via e-mail, phone or SMS for invitation for participation in campaigns/competitions organized by eHealth Lover , feedback, survey etc. Which is based on the information it had received from the users.

Accessing the website from outside Bangladesh:

All close to home data put together by clients outside Bangladesh will be handled as per these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Governing Law:

The laws that administer Privacy Policy of eHealth Lover and its association with the client is the laws of Bangladesh and any debate in regards to the utilization, maintenance, revelation, spillage or scattering of the data or date must be raised under the watchful eye of the courts of Bangladesh which will have selective purview on this issue. The whole Privacy Policy will apply to all who enters the site, gets administration or utilizations application from eHealth Lover paying little respect to their nationality, area, living arrangement or place of business.