How to Improve Your Surgical Mask Fit-Covid-19

Hello everyone Dr. Robey here as you know you’re going back to level two restrictions as of Monday I know that many of you are concerned because of a lack of n95 masks as. I’m sure many of you have already read on the Australian Dental Association website the normal level two surgical masks use is 95% effective against viral particles, but unfortunately, their effectiveness drops to 56%. Please see How to Improve Your Surgical Mask Fit-Covid-19


if the mask is loosely fitted or if it has basically gaps on the sides of the mask when they put the mask on. now I would like to show you a way to make your normal level 2 surgical mask fit a lot better so that both you and your patients are better protected.

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what you need to do is you need to fold your normal surgical masks so in half make sure, it’s an edge to edge, and then with the elastic on each side make a little knot just make sure that your mask is edge to edge and when you make the knot you made it. they’re all not as close as possible to the actual mask.

it’s very important that the knot is nice and close to the end of the mask ok do the same on the other side making. Sure that the mask is an edge to edge and when you tie the knot you make sure that, it’s all the way to the end nice and close as you can see both sides.How to Improve Your Surgical Mask

Now open your mask and adapt the nose part over your nose that’s good now you need to fold in the corners. Just like so, make sure that it’s fully in so that you have this effect okay and do the same thing on the other side this actually doesn’t take long after you do it a few times.

I’m just doing it a bit slower because I’m showing you. okay so that’s done that’s the effect you’re aiming to achieve and you put the mask over your nose adapting it well make sure that you seek the mask nicely and extend it under your chin and if you have a look you’ll see that you don’t have a big gap once you put the mask on you have achieved a better seal with not much gap see.

if I actually blow air on this mask you’ll see okay you can see it inflating and deflating which means that the seal is a lot better than it was. I hope this helps take care and stay safe thank you.

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