7 Best Way, How to boost immune system

7 best ways that I take to help boost my immune system. Now, the World is worried about Covid-19. So I will advise today how to boost the immune system.

I think one of the most important things that all of us can be doing more of. Right now is really making sure that we're taking amazing care of our health and our physical well-being. We're strengthening our immune system and that will help give you more peace of mind and reduce some of the anxiety. The worry that you might have but also protect you in the event.

You do get it that you're gonna have a strong enough immune system to fight it off. I understand there are some people that are at more of a threat. It’s at more of a threat to you than others maybe. If you have obesity or you smoke or a respiratory challenge or diabetes or you're elderly. Those events I think really making sure you take amazing care of your health, even more, important but I know that are young and have it.

You know a healthy immune system might not be as worried about it but for me. I like to take those precautions and to make sure that I can avoid you know getting sick as much as I can. I take these supplements not just for coronavirus but also you know for fighting off the common flu or a cold or whatever it might be.  So I want to share these with you but before. I do I want to mention a few important things. I think they are even more important than taking supplements. Number one is making sure that you're you have really good hygiene. You're washing your hands that you're making sure that you're not you know rubbing your face or touching your face in any way. Making sure that you're practicing social distancing all of those things.

 I think are precautions that all of us should be taking especially at the time right now. where there's a lot of worrying concern, where it's spreading a lot making sure you get really good sleep. You know sleep does wonders for your immune system. Especially making sure you get a high-quality amount of deep sleep and REM sleep .deep sleep is the most restorative type of sleep so making sure getting a lot of rest is also really important.

 Making sure, drinking a lot of water and have a healthy diet. From your diet, you can get a lot of good nutrition from that and a lot of vitamins mineral enzymes probiotics a lot of things that can really support your health. I don't like fully depending just on, I always try to make sure that, I can get what my body needs as much as. I can from food and then supplements are just what I add on top of that.

There are definitely certain supplements that you can take that's a little bit harder to get certain herbs or certain elements from your food. But it just gives you that extra boost so making sure you have all of those things in place that's really in my opinion what's gonna benefit that much more than. Just taking the supplements and of course, being active and exercising as well okay. So I want to make sure that you understand those principles. It’s not like you take a pill and it's a magic cure or a fix or anything like that. This is just that extra measure on the top of those fundamental things. You do for your health to further strengthen your immune system okay.

Colloidal silver and Benefit of colloidal silver:

The first one this is one of my go-to s is colloidal silver. Colloids silver amazing for the immune system this is a brand called silver and helps us over and silver. now colloidal is very small particles and so you actually drop this under your tongue. It has better absorption that way and I take this three times a day, and it does also kill off bacteria. So I don't overdo it at times too. Because it can potentially also affect you know the microbiome balance and your gut and things like that. Especially, during the time right now I don't mind taking a bit more of this and I won't mention with all supplements.

I do cycle them I don't like to be too dependent on supplements and even on certain brands and so I might cycle a supplement for a few months and then stop taking. it for a while or even kind of change it up a little bit - but colloidal silver is great you can find a lot of these products a lot of health food stores, a lot of supplement stores and even online like Amazon a lot of. There you can find there so colloidal silver. Also, colloidal silver how to use. you will find detail on this product diagram. Just you should maintain the instruction for use.

P3-OM probiotics:

The next one is p3-om probiotics. This is from one of my favorite supplement companies known as by optimizers. I've had weight light heart on my article a few times to talk about this very product. I've been taking this for years as well as their enzyme supplements you know. I'm not going to go into some of their other products but this is really important for your gut health building the probiotics but also this product is antiviral and so it also helps prevent you from getting sick and helps boost your immune system. This you can find on Amazon or I don't think only from their website. I'll link to that below for you guys so I love these and by the way. I am given here p3 om probiotics review because I have personally used this product. I have bought this from Amazon.

One thing you got to keep in mind too. A lot of supplements and products are going out of stock right now and I've you know kind of loaded up along with other food as well so that's just one thing to keep in mind to be a bit proactive with and so for me with some supplements. I've ordered like a few months’ worths just in the event that I can be prepared because a lot of this supplements might only you know this might only last you a month for every bottle and I take this before I go to bed I take three of them before I go. You may see this product on Amazon Click to see

Echinacea supplement And Echinacea supplement benefits:

to bed okay next one Echinacea  I always mispronounce it Echinacea is a herb really great for fighting off the common cold the flu really great herb that helps boost your immune system .you can find this and a lot of health food stores .it's not that hard to find but I've been taking this a bit right now too. You see this product on amazon. I can tell you echinacea supplement side effects are zero. There is no side effect. If there is any side effect. I never suggest this product in my personal article.

Kyolic garlic supplement And benefits of Kyolic garlic supplement:

This is a supplement known as KYOLIC and it's basically just garlic and I have garlic in my diet. So you know a lot of foods that I have will add garlic to it and you might not need this if you can just add garlic. It might be more efficient for you. Some people don't like to taste garlic doesn't make. it was everything case good but this is odor odorless garlic and this one product actually has a few additional supplements as well as a chemistry room complex and oregano extract oregano oil some.

Thai sometimes used to help purify the blood, olive leaf extract but just garlic is a go-to and you can supplement with it and so this is a great way to also boost your immune system. Please see this on Amazonkyolic garlic supplement benefits a lot. Its main benefit is it can be boosted your Immune system as much early. So that you can fight on the situation of corona Virus Covid-19,


Kyolic garlic supplement

Elderberry extract supplements And black elderberry extract:

The next one is Elderberry extract .you can get this in you know a capsule form like this but I've often taken elderberry shots and this is kind of like a superfood berry. that's really great for your immune system and you know back .when you could kind of go out of the house a lot more and places were open us you know to go to Whole Foods and places like that and get those shots. They are often kind of have them in little bottles and you can kind of take that for an immune boost. Otherwise just getting the supplement is great for your immune system. Please find this on Amazon

Elderberry extract

Turkey tail Supplement:

This one is known as turkey tail now it's not an actual turkey. this is actually the type of mushroom the brand. here is known as host defense mushrooms. So mushrooms are useful for a lot of purposes. I like you to know some mushrooms that can help with your body. You know creativity with your focus with your energy .there's a variety of different ones Ashwagandha and whatnot or Turkey Tail is good for your immune system and this is prebiotic for the microbiome. So there's probiotics and prebiotics and the prebiotics with the fiber helps support the probiotics the good bacteria in your gut and so this is a great brand too. You may find this glorious Boost Immune System product on Amazon.

I will mention this. I am particular about certain brands because I've been in the supplement industry selling supplements for years as well and I know that not all supplements are equal. How they manufacture them and the quality can differ and so I'm always on the edge of end up paying a premium or paying more for something higher quality than just something that you get that's cheap at you know the local drugstore so this is a good brand host defense mushrooms. I'll link is below for you guys.

Some of these other ones like the colloidal supper this is a good brand and there might be some other high-quality ones probiotics as many different types p3-om for me is one of the most important ones the strands. they have it's proteolytic as well. which is also important this one here echinacea pretty much any brand same thing with garlic and say elderberry extract not too particular about those ones and you know. you might be limited to so you might have to keep that in mind. what you know what's available and whatnot.

Vitamin C and Vitamin C supplements benefits:

The last one is just vitamin CVitamin C great for the immune system for recovering from anything. It’s an antioxidant. There is one particular brand that I like more. I don't have it here with me. But it's from a company known as Avena originals they're in Red Deer Alberta Canada. They have a product known as electric see. I'm having a hard time getting a ship to me here but that would be the one that would actually recommend otherwise you know there's a variety of different ones that you can find but vitamin C is something that you can get from food. Find this on Amazon for a low price. Vitamin that boosts the immune system in your body.

Taking foods to boost the immune system is best for you but it will take time to work in your body. You can get from a lot of vegetables and fruit a lot of berries, spinach and what not so I try to first and foremost get a lot of it from fruits and vegetables. I'll supplement take a little bit of a higher dose. If I need to just for that extra the extra protection. I guess you could say, so there you have. Those are supplements that I can recommend to you guys ones that I personally take I know there might be more but these are supplements.

I take just for my general health and well-being. I do cycle them at times. Yes, it does cost a bit of money to invest in some of these. Some of these are pretty inexpensive but for me. Your health is your wealth and it's the most important thing.

If I said to you I could have any car that you want in the world. Okay, you could pick any car that you desire you'd be like amazing, and if I set you but you only get to pick one for the rest of your life. I could guarantee whatever car you pick it would take amazing care of it. If that was the only car that you could ever have for the rest of your life. It’s the same mentality with your body you only get one body and you want to make sure you take amazing care of it .because the more you take care of your health and your well-being the more.

You get out of life the more you get out of your business your relationships everything that you do. Life is affected by your health and that's the foundation of life. Mastery is really making sure you take amazing care of this vehicle that you have that God gave us this temple. you really make sure you prioritize it. You give it the best fuel and support that it needs so that it can prosper and it'll give you so much more back.

The last thing I'm gonna mention to you. What it also affects your immune system is your mental and emotional well-being, stress anxiety, fear. And worry wreaks havoc on your body, your mind, your emotions. Your physical body is all connected. It all affects one another. So one of the most important things you could do is making sure. You should take amazing care of your mental and emotional well-being. You're not just always consuming yourself with the news. Because the news is gonna create a lot of worries. It might not be necessary to know every little detail of every tragic event. What's happening in the world is bot healthy for us. I don't believe it.

So really making sure you take care of your health for me that am my meditation practice being in silence. Calming my mind our mind can play games on us and it's overactive. It projects things in the future that haven't yet occurred yet to worry about and having anxiety about that most of. It never even comes to fruition and so meditation helps to calm more present in your life. Not always future pacing taking care you know exercising going for a run.

I play basketball in the morning. I go to the gym every day. those are things that really help make sure that emotionally. I'm gonna better mood a better state of mind. I have a morning ritual that I do. If you don't know more about morning rituals. I want to invite you to check out a free ebook. I want to send you that share some of my best rituals to get started. I've got a book on Amazon that has 67-morning rituals. So a variety of different things, you can add to your mind your body and your spiritual well-being. I want to invite you to check that out. But I really believe that spending that time in the morning. It really makes sure that you're feeding your mind with positivity. Whether that's learning or you know great books or resources.

You’re taking supplements you have you know a great meal .you're drinking water, you’re hydrating your body all the things. You can really make sure it does wonders for your physical body and your emotional and your spiritual well-being. So I'll link that below for you.

I created some rituals, that you can add to your life as well as a link. The book on Amazon and whatnot for you as well so listen. Thank you so much if there's anything that I missed any supplements or things. You might be doing that I didn't cover here today. But can help boost the immune system.

How to boost the immune system, Maybe you got your answer. If you take from nature. I mean from food vegetables it’s the perfect area. I have shared some supplements. Because always we want to boost our body in a short time. I would love to hear that from you please leave a comment below. You know right now, I'm trying to do my part as an influence. To try to educate people and try to you know spread a lot of good. Helping people with their health and the worry and the concern and help them with their lives. So if there's anything you want to contribute as well then I'd really appreciate that just leave a comment below. I'll see you again soon god bless you stay strong stay safe take care.

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