Glaucoma Causes , Types, Symptoms and Treatment

A fast increment within glaucoma causes , a real eye malady has called to form its mindfulness around the world. This activity has been effectively taken by the National Eye Institute, to make individuals mindful of the realities about glaucoma as early identification is the key factor to avoid and prevent the event of this significant eye health concern.

Glaucoma is referred to as a type of illness that can harm the optic nerves that work as the information link to convey visual data for the brain. With the development of glaucoma, disturbance in this visual change of pictures occurs, bringing about low vision and even blindness may happen if quick treatment isn’t given to the patient.

It is otherwise called “sneak cheat of sight” in most of the fact that in a large portion of the cases it stays undetected and makes perpetual harms the eye which can’t be relieved. Expanded eye pressure is the essential purpose behind creating glaucoma however it doesn’t mean everybody with expanded eye weight will build up this eye issue.

Glaucoma Causes , Types, Symptoms and Treatment

Glaucoma can happen to anybody and after the age of, 40 individuals are more in danger to build up this eye health concern. So it is significant whether you have any issue or not, go for eye registration in any event once in a year after the age 40 to 45 years as the beginning period location can decrease its seriousness and can be soothed with suitable treatment.

One significant reality in regards to glaucoma infection which everybody ought to know about and that is at one time your optic nerve is harmed by glaucoma the lost vision can’t be reestablished with any treatment. So early recognition is the main alleviation factor to counteract the movement of glaucoma eye illness.

Symptoms of Glaucoma:

In a large portion of the cases, glaucoma doesn’t build up any side effects, particularly in its underlying stage. With the movement of the ailment, vision gets hazy and fluctuating. This is the explanation many people who have just built up this eye issue don’t even mindful of its reality.

So it is essential to go for an exhaustive eye check-up at any rate once in a year to an eye specialist as though it is trapped in the underlying stage it very well may be assuaged with appropriate treatment, generally, whenever left untreated for quite a while it can cause bless vision and afterward total blindness.

Glaucoma is isolated into two essential structures according to its sort and outcomes. Initial one is open or wide edge glaucoma which is a typical one and frequently not creates with any sort of sign or symptom. Out of 10 glaucoma patients, 9 are identified with this sort of glaucoma.

The open or wide edge glaucoma happens because of incomplete or ineffectual exhausting of eye liquid with no impediment in eye angle. For this situation, there will be no sign until it creates in the undeniable structure that is the reason it is otherwise called “quiet criminal of sight ” as it can make irreversible harm to the eye which makes it an incessant eye sickness.

The second sort of glaucoma which shows up in an uncommon case or less basic than the open point glaucoma is known as close or limited edge glaucoma. This sort of glaucoma happens when a few deterrents hinder the edge causing rare or unsmooth liquid stream in the meshwork.

It is otherwise called intense point conclusion glaucoma which needs quick restorative consideration as it develops with major symptoms such as:

  • Seeing halos around the lights
  • Redness in eyes
  • Sudden vision disturbances
  • Vomiting
  • Vision loss
  • Tunnel vision or narrowed vision
  • Sudden blurry vision
  • Severe pain in the eye
  • Nausea
  • Vision loss

If anyone experiences any with these symptoms then they should seek immediate medical care without delay otherwise it can cause complete vision loss.

Causes of Glaucoma:

  • At the point when liquid existing in your eyes collects surprisingly it puts additional weight which is hard for eyes to oversee as a channel which fills in as a seepage framework for clearing this liquid get blocked or stopped which obstructs typical waste bringing about Glaucoma creates.
  • At times eyes began delivering more than typical liquid which turns out to be difficult to get depleted at quick speed bringing about more intraocular pressure show up causing glaucoma. Be that as it may, as of late, there is no specific explanation or reason behind this abundance of liquid creation in eyes.
  • Some sort of injury or damage in eyes which puts additional weight on eyes may wind up with glaucoma issue in eyes.
  • The optic nerve is answerable for the visual perception in the event that gets a lesser measure of bloodstream because of any explanation, at that point it can cause create a glaucoma issue.
  • A hereditary issue can be one imperative purpose behind causing glaucoma in the eyes.

Risk Factors for Glaucoma:

Eye Problems:

Certain eye issue expands the superfluous pressure in eyes which is an essential explanation behind the development of glaucoma. Incessant irritation in the eyes, injury or damage in the eye, and thin corneas concerns are some basic issues that can prompt making additional eye pressure.

Special Health Conditions:

People with some extraordinary wellbeing concerns, for example, diabetes, hypertension, and heart diseases have a more serious danger of creating glaucoma later on.

Certain Medications:

Taking some extraordinary drugs expands the risk of glaucoma development in the future like using corticosteroids for an extremely significant stretch contains the danger of creating auxiliary glaucoma.


People having a place with particular ethnicity or race are bound to create glaucoma. Like individuals having a place with African or African-Americans plummet have a more serious hazard to create glaucoma in their lifetime.

Moreover, Japanese individuals have a danger of growing low-strain glaucoma while Asian individuals have a more serious danger of creating point conclusion glaucoma.

Age Factor:

Age assumes an imperative role in the development of glaucoma a genuine eye disease. People maturing at least 60 have a higher danger of glaucoma according to the report of NEI and this risk factor continues expanding each year alongside expanding age. Anyway in the instances of African-American drop these risk increments by the age of 40 as it were.

Family History of Glaucoma Disease:

The past or old family history of glaucoma eye disease impacts a ton to the cutting edge by keeping them in danger of building up a similar sort of glaucoma that their folks and grandparents have created in their life.

Like it is seen as a rule that if the parent or grandparent of any individual has experienced open-edge glaucoma then their youngsters or grandkids stay in danger to build up a similar kind of glaucoma in their life.


An eye specialist will do a careful checkup of your eyes for obviously distinguishing the power of vision loss and any conceivable optic nerve-harming before beginning the treatment. So as to recognize glaucoma ophthalmologist will lead the accompanying analytic strategies.

Tonometry:  Tonometry is the essential conclusion trial of glaucoma in which a tonometer will quantify your eye pressure or intraocular pressure.

Perimetry Test: The perimetry test is otherwise called the visual field test which is directed to analyze whether glaucoma is hampering your vision or not. This test is led by estimating fringe, side vision, and focal vision.

Pachymetry Test:  The pachymetry test is led to quantifying the thickness of your cornea on the grounds that the meager cornea than the normal size is one of the essential variables for treating glaucoma.

Gonioscopy:  Gonioscopy test is performed to distinguish the edge of the eyes implies whether it is open or shut.

Optic Nerve Monitoring:  Your primary care physician may monitor your optic nerve in the event that he discovers it is vital for identifying any harm that has happened in the optic nerve or not because of glaucoma. Under the condition, any harm is associated then exhaustive filtering with the nerve fiber layer and estimation of by and large visual field will be done to examine the scope of harm.

Complete Medical History Detailing:

The ophthalmologist will ask your total medicinal history as this causes them to break down your eye condition and the hazard factor for creating glaucoma. In this unique situation, your primary care physician will get some information about the signs or side effects that you are confronting.

Additionally, they will get some information about any past history of glaucoma in the family or some other wellbeing concern as of now you are experiencing to dissect whether some other medical problem is affecting your eye wellbeing or not.

Glaucoma Treatment:

Glaucomarimarity creates because of the top weight on the eye so the principal measure that specialists will apply is for diminishing the weight on the eyes. Following treatment, techniques are applied by the ophthalmologist for treating glaucoma.

Eye Drops:

Eye authority or the ophthalmologist will analyze your eyes’ current state and according to the power of glaucoma, they will endorse for sedated eye drops to soothe the weight on the eyes. This eye drop will work in two techniques, it is possible that it will build the outpouring of liquid or brings down the arrangement of liquid so as to diminish the eye pressure.

Be that as it may, eye drops and different prescriptions may cause some reactions excessively, for example, redness, hypersensitivities, stinging, disturbance, and obscured vision. Additionally in the event that you are as of now taking some different drugs or experiencing any sort of sensitivity at that point remember to impart this to your primary care physician before they endorse any medicine to you.

In specific cases, glaucoma meds may cause to influence your heart and lungs. So consistently requests related symptoms to your primary care physician before utilizing any glaucoma prescription.


Microsurgery is otherwise called Trabeculectomy in which specialists set up another channel for the deterrent free liquid seepage with the goal that the eye weight can be diminished and glaucoma condition can be controlled.

In this type of medical procedure, the eye specialist may embed a cylinder for the liquid seepage. Notwithstanding, the downside of microsurgery lies in the way that now and again this glaucoma medical procedure neglects to treat glaucoma and necessities re-medical procedure. Additionally, this medical procedure can cause draining and disease, and sometimes, it can cause impermanent or changeless vision misfortune.

Laser Surgery:

In the laser medical procedure treatment method, the progression of eye liquid is expanded somewhat for diminishing the weight in the patients who create eye point glaucoma. In the instances of point conclusion glaucoma, laser medical procedures will evacuate the liquid blockages. Laser medical procedure treatment technique incorporates the accompanying:

  • Trabeculoplasty-  The seepage zone is opened in this strategy
  • Iridotomy- In this procedure, a little hole is made within the iris in order that fluid can flow easily and freely.
  • Cyclophotocoagulation- In this process fluid production is reduced by treating the center section or layer of an eye fixed for reducing eye pressure.

Combination Treatment:

For treating open or wide glaucoma doctors often use a mixture of treatments including eye drop, microsurgery, and laser trabeculoplasty. In countries like the US doctors mostly prefers to start out glaucoma treatment with eye drops however as per the success rate of glaucoma treatment concerned it’s seen that in most of the successful treatment of glaucoma early-stage microsurgery or laser surgery have worked in no time and positively.

In the cases of the infant or congenital glaucoma where the affected person is born with a birth eye defect, surgery is taken into account because the first and effective method of treatment as because in these cases system of the attention remains already distorted or damaged.

However, it’s always advisable to consult your doctor regarding the acceptable treatment method or best treatment option for your glaucoma eye issue.

Is Glaucoma being Preventable?

The basic response to this question is “No”. Much the same as other medical problems, you can’t avert glaucoma however yes with some savvy quantifies its movement, and the most noticeably awful impacts created out of undeniable glaucoma that is lost vision or absolute visual impairment can be counteracted.

Yearly Routine Checkups:

A yearly daily practice of careful eye exam at any rate once in a year is the way to forestall the development or movement of glaucoma in extreme structure by distinguishing the scope of eye harms brought about by glaucoma and gazing its treatment on schedule.

Like a great many people after the age 40 fall in the danger of creating glaucoma eye illness so at any rate in the interim of 2 to 3 years individuals maturing 40 or above ought to go for a complete eye exam to an ophthalmologist. After 60 the hazard factor of glaucoma development remains twice so individuals of this age ought to go for a yearly exhaustive eye test schedule.

Protect Your Eyes from Physical Damages:

Any physical damage or injury in the eyes can make enormous weight on the eyes driving glaucoma maladies in the future. So it is significant that everybody should deal with their eye insurance. This is significant in the instances of the sportsperson, or whatever other experts where eye damage chance required all things considered.

Perform Eye Exercises:

Much the same as other body parts practice tones and lift your physical wellbeing correspondingly performing eye activities can help a great deal for improving visual perception and will likewise shield it from the danger of creating glaucoma by lessening eye pressure.

Finally, we should state that mindfulness is the way to dodge any sort of wellbeing injury and the same is material to glaucoma eye ailment too which is the most hazardous eye wellbeing concern. The realities about glaucoma referenced above uncover the total picture and outcomes of glaucoma that everybody has to know.

Eye Exercise :

Much the same as other body parts practice tones and lift your physical wellbeing correspondingly performing eye activities can help a great deal for improving visual perception and will likewise shield it from the danger of creating glaucoma by lessening eye pressure.

Finally, we should state that mindfulness is the way to dodge any sort of wellbeing injury and the same is material to glaucoma eye ailment too which is the most hazardous eye wellbeing concern. The realities about glaucoma referenced above uncover the total picture and outcomes of glaucoma that everybody has to know.

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