Egg pudding recipe || BANGLA RECIPE

Egg pudding recipe is such a delighting dish made from eggs and milk. This drool-worthy dish is loved by kids.

The non-veggie lover Indian pastry is well known for its special taste and solid goodness. You can make it in a weight cooker with a couple of simple advances. Caramelizing sugar is significant while making this. You can add vanilla pith to include an additional flavor.

The egg pudding is the best-served virus. This simple treatment can be rapidly made for children’s gatherings and other bubbly events. Astonishment everybody and get heaps of compliments by making this simple egg pudding.

What is egg pudding made of?

  1. Eggs: 06 Ps
  2. Milk (condensed): 50 grams
  3. Sugar: 50 grams
  4. Essence: 1 teaspoon
  5. Caramel: Two tablespoons

After Collecting All materials :

Caramel on Tarih pan with a tablespoon of water and two tablespoons of sugar and dark brown, not burned.

Egg Pudding recipe

First, thicken the milk with firewood. Keep stirring while burning, otherwise, it will burn down. If you reduce the milk over low heat for a long time, the color of the milk will become reddish. So you have to reduce the milk to medium heat. Keep more than half a kg of condensed milk.

If you want to make soft pudding, you have to keep 600 to 700 ml of milk with firewood.

The mixture of milk and eggs should be slightly less than in a steel tiffin box. However, if you want to make a more solid pudding, reduce the milk by half a kg. Take the milk out of the oven and let it cool.

In a large bowl, break the egg, break it well with a spoon, pour it in milk, and mix well.

Take a tiffin box with a steel lid to make the pudding. Or put caramel in the container in which you will make the pudding.

Do not burn more caramel. Then the sugar will burn and become black and bitter. If it is a little brown, take it down. Because towards the end the sugar burns quickly.

Now shake the milk and egg mixture well and pour it into the box. Put the box in the pressure cooker and cover it with water up to half of the box. Put five or six shishas on medium heat and take them down.

It can be soft, there is nothing to worry about. If it is cold, it will be fine if it is kept in the fridge. And if it is softer, take it down with two more shishas.

Adding extra shisha will harden the pudding and leave the original taste.

Refrigerate the pudding for one or two hours. Remove from the fridge and serve chilled.

Special Tips:

  • Refrigerate the pudding. Then cut around with a knife and pour into a serving dish.
  • When poured on a plate in hot condition, the size of the pudding will be lost.
  • If the milk is too thin, take a little less than two-thirds.
  • If it is too thick, the pudding will need flour again.
  • It is better to use a steel tiffin box with a lid so that there is no fear of water getting inside

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