Domestic flights resume: Airports across India

Domestic flights resume: Airports across India get ready to serve amid Covid-19 outbreak.The Union Health Ministry has issued a new set of guidelines for both domestic and international passengers. We of course mean those who have come back via the person India mission international travel per say hasn't been opened up just yet. The center has mandated States to prepare their own quarantine protocols.

Passengers without symptoms have to self-monitor their health for 14 days. Symptomatic passengers will have to be isolated and taken to a health facility; those with mild symptoms will be given the option of home isolation while those with severe symptoms won't have a choice they will immediately be taken to a Covid-19 facility.

For international passengers coming in on Monday Bharath flights 14 day quarantine compulsory no questions asked. This includes seven days of paid institutional quarantine and seven-day isolation at home. Home quarantine will be permitted only in exceptional cases and passengers will have to download the Aarogya Setu app while only those without symptoms will be allowed to board after thermal scanning.

Well it is the big development tomorrow and it's a story that we're all tracking. There’s a huge amount of anticipation it was a story that was welcomed by people across the country. The resumption of domestic flight after a period of almost two months, well along with contactless boarding Hyderabad and Delhi airports are also introducing contactless food services on ground to passengers.

All incoming passengers will be disinfected at a sanitization tunnel from social distancing the thermal scanners .all provisions have been put in place by the civil aviation ministry. Passengers are being advised not to plan their journeys in case they feel even a little sick. You either have to have that Aarogya Setu app or a medical certificate to travel passengers will have to web check-in.  There is no physical check-in permitted at any Airport from tomorrow.

Across the country are several airports are gearing up to resume domestic flight services in the Chennai Airport. However whatever authorities tell us is that they have not received instructions from the state government for the airport is prepping up for the scene. The Airport marking such like these on the floor so that people can maintain social distancing. That it's easier for people to maintain social distancing. There are also dispensers such as these which are contactless sanitizer dispensers kept outside the airport. So everyone just has to put their hand under the nozzle and it sprays disinfectant on their hand.

 As they move inside the airport. There is a poster, also there that says madam/sir kindly pull down the facemask to identify to confirm your identity, so that we can see the entire face and confirm the identity of the person.

 Even inside the airport via toll arrangements of inmates that passengers can have a no touch journey. Even when collecting their boarding passes, even when getting their ID cards are checked and approved what we also do know is that, the Airport Authority is while, they're prepping in they get to receive any concrete information from the state.

Sources tell us that the state is comfortable with having people depart out of Chennai move out of Chennai but not having more influx of passengers into Chennai.  as Chennai still reports the highest number of cases in Tamil Nadu so a decision is likely to come out sometime today regarding the same thing but however no information trickled in yet and the airport authorities tell us that they are prepping up so that they are ready say, if they have to open the airport tomorrow for passengers to depart and arrive from other states.

After almost two months of flights being grounded due to Covid-19 outbreak the government has allowed flight operations to resume from Monday.

At outside the Lucknow Airport the Chaudhary Charan Singh airport at the departure gate and you can see that all the CISF persons standing here are wearing masks as a precautionary measure.

We see that here yellow stripes have been made to ensure that people stay and on these yellow stripes and social distancing norms are followed. Also circles have been made outside as well so that people can stand within these circles at a distance from each other and inside the airport also all the required. The measures have been taken to ensure that social distancing norms are followed by the people.

We see that final preparations are being done here at the Amausi airport in Lucknow. The staff is right now inside the airport and every staff member is wearing masks as a precautionary measure and in a short way from now .a team of district official will also be visiting the Amausi Airport and the inspection of the airport will also be done so preparations are almost complete here at the Amausi Airport in Lucknow and, the flight operations is set to resume from tomorrow in Lucknow.

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