Can diabetes be cured by Yoga

Can diabetes be cured by yoga? We now know that regular yoga practice helps to lower blood sugar levels, stimulate the pancreas, and lower blood pressure. Yoga also proves to be great for weight loss. Because obesity is a major contributor to diabetes, yoga for weight loss will certainly help manage diabetes. But outside of the many styles of yoga out there today, it’s hard to know which style of yoga is best for diabetes.

Diabetes is currently a very well-known disease. Insulin is a hormone that is essential for breaking down sugary foods. It is made from the pancreas. Diabetes is a disease that occurs when the amount of insulin produced is reduced or stopped completely for various reasons. The two main causes of type 2 diabetes are: Type-1 and type-2:

Excess weight, high blood pressure, increased triglycerides, a sedentary lifestyle, hereditary, etc.

The sick pancreas gradually heals through regular yoga. Insulin secretion may also be regular. You will definitely benefit if you practice a proper diet as well as proper rules.


Kurmasana is composed of two words kurma and asana. It literally means sitting in a tortoise position. If you do this yoga, you will get relief from diabetes. The digestive system will be stronger and you will not have any complaints of insomnia.

How to go:

Sit in Vajrasana. Touch the fists with both hands so that the two fists and the two elbows stick together. Now place both elbows on the navel and slowly lean forward. You can also keep your chin high or your fists up. Control breathing slowly.

Time: 30 seconds and do it 5 times. Must do on an empty stomach.

Benefits:  Helps to control diabetes. Improves digestion. Helps to reduce belly fat.

Ardha Matsyendrasana :

Matsyendrasana is the name of the seat discovered by the famous Mahayagi Matsyendranath of India. This seat has been changed to Ardhamatsyendrasana.

How to do:

Sit on the bench with both legs stretched. Fold the right leg so that the ankle of the right foot touches the left side of the buttocks and the right knee is along the midline of the body. Now place the left foot in front of the right knee or outside the right knee. Remember, lean back on the side of the knee that is up. Since the left knee is up, keep the left hand as close to the body as possible. Inhale and exhale by pulling the right arm and try to hold the right knee from the outside of the left knee while exhaling. Give sight along the back of the body. After doing this in one direction, change the arms and legs in the opposite direction.

Time: 30 seconds for right and left, set a total of 3-5.

Benefits:  Very good fruit in diabetes. Helps to reduce waist fat. Makes the spine flexible. The body’s stress hormones help to keep it normal. As a result, the body maintains its balance in a certain way in any situation.

Mandukasana :

Mandukasana (Sanskrit: ठला; IAST: Mandukasana), or a group of frog sitting postures, yoga inside the asanas, and yoga as a modern practice, all keep the body in a frog-like shape. And Veksana poses like a frog.

How to do:

Sit in Vajrasana. Place your thumb inwards and fist with both hands. Place the two fists touching each other on the navel in such a way that the direction of the big toe touches the abdomen. Slowly lean forward so that the junior touch the thighs of both legs with both hands. You can keep your eyes down or in front. In this condition, it is a little difficult to breathe, so take very short breaths very slowly.

Time: You can start with 15 seconds and stay for 30-60 seconds. Do it on an empty stomach 3-5 times a day.

Benefits:  Very beneficial for diabetes. Helps to relieve gastric problems, indigestion.

Can diabetes be cured by Yoga ? The answer is: Yes.

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