BANGLA RECIPE ।। Egg Pudding

Egg pudding recipe is such a delighting dish made from eggs and milk. This drool worthy dish is loved by kids.

The non-veggie lover Indian pastry is well known for its special taste and solid goodness. You can make it in a weight cooker with a couple of simple advances. Caramelizing sugar is significant while making this. You can add vanilla pith to include an additional flavor.

The egg pudding is best served virus. This simple treat can be rapidly made for children’s gatherings and other bubbly events. Astonishment everybody and get heaps of compliments by making this simple egg pudding.

Necessary Materials :

1: Eggs: 06 Ps
2: Milk (condensed): 50 grams
3: Sugar: 50 grams
4: Essence: 1 teaspoon
5: Caramel: Two tablespoons

After Collecting All materials :

Caramel on tairih pan with a table spoon of water and two tablespoons of sugar and dark brown, not burned.

Recipe / How Crieth:

Take the eggs out of the blend. Blending with the milk and sugar mix, combine all the charges. Embodiment misaoekata steel/aluminum top over the bowl, which may not be effectively evacuated and pour the hot caramel. yayabatite, everything to the side of the container with a blend of water and let sit daopresara cooker, sink bowl, not the cooker cover yayapresara Give. Evacuate medium warmth for 5 minutes. On the off chance that you open your mouth unconscious in favor of the bowl with a blade, don’t pivot gradually. The plates are orchestrated inverse to the side of the egg the pudding and pour in a fantasy gig.

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